Marius D. Kettler (b.1961) is a sound and video artist, painter and composer, who lives and works in Berlin, Germany.


Kettler works thematically with sound, where he experiments with spatial environments, artificial or natural. Here he investigates the physical aspect of sound, acoustic transparency and site specific, interactive sound transmission. For the sound installations and video work he utilizes electro acoustic audio material, processed digital media and field recordings. His installations vary from electromagnetic, interactive, mechanical hybrid installations to multi channel sound compositions. Visual and acoustic space is configured with maximal simplicity.  The compositions are recorded with instruments, mechanical sounds and electro noise, the digitally processed material is then transformed into multi channel or mono sound installations. Field recordings include : natural sounds, industrial cites, sounds from rural and urban areas. He investigates the origin and boundaries of sound, where the sensory characteristics of memory and association influence the perceptive moment.

Sound / Painting Installations “Color and Timbre”

These are works that combine sound and painting, they are the hybrid active interactive installations. Paintings that resemble a minimalistic sound score. Through interaction and movement, improvised sounds are additionally created. Clear defined sounds are the central point, where tones when combined with electro noise develop into new coincidental, solo like sound constellations. Self developed electronic modules are united with consumer technology leading to a third version of sound. Focusing on the dynamic, course and development of the acoustic sound, where the controlling elements proceed into sound installations.

Paintings / Drawings

The series of abstract paintings that accrue from surfaces of spacial areas of color and the drawing itself. Are works with surfaces that resemble a key note where noise is the theme. The drawing is like a a clear and defined single note, arching progression leading into another dimension. The connection of the pencil lines on the diverse surfaces of color are the corner points that show the direction and development of the composition. Layered surfaces of color and the fine lines make new forms visible or invisible. The paintings where “color spaces” are created with day glow fluorescent colors, examining the contrasts and similarities of color that correlate and lead to color congruity. The exploration of color and the creation of surfaces with a glowing impact with endless depth, resulting in intense three dimensional effect. Experimenting with the interaction of traditional paint pigments on plane surfaces with pigments of day glow color,where the contrasts and non contrasts interact with each other and develop new color sensations.

Selected past exhibitions and projects:


Papier” Works to the theme of paper, drawings sound installation a.i.p. Galerie, Berlin
Eklektizismus und Weltraumsprünge” Works on paper Walden Kunstausstellungen, Berlin
Kotka International Video and Electronic Arts Festival”
Interactive Sound / Painting Installation “ actus torus and interactive video Kotka Photographic Center,


Sterne” Interactive hybrid sound painting Walden Kunstausstellungen, Berlin
Ping 12 Documentation” Interactive 36,5 meter hybrid sound installation, works on canvas
Collaborative exhibition with D. Flores Parallel to documenta 13 Kassel
im:rot: Solo exhibition, interactive room sound installation and paintings Walden Kunstausstelungen, Berlin

Es würde geklungen haben” Solo exhibition, interactive sound installations and paintings
Kultur Boden, Scharnebeck
Klar II” Paintings Schiller Pallas, Berlin


Warten auf rot” Solo exhibition, paintings and interactive sound installationen Walden Kunstausstellung, Berlin

International Audio Art Music Festival Sound installation “ Expectation and acceptance”

with performance D. Flores vocal / guitar intervention Gallery Soumesta, Berlin

Unbegrenzt Ungegenständlich” Collaborative exhibition with O. Völker works on canvas a.i.p. Galerie, Berlin

Berlin Choreografie einer Stadt” Sound and video installations Forum Factory, Berlin

Out of structure” Paintings Walden Kunstausstellungen, Berlin

Rraumschh” Solo exhibition, sound installations a.i.p. Galerie, Berlin


The past and the present” Collaborative exhibition with D. Flores a.i.p. galerie, Berlin

Schön rot “ Solo exhibition, paintings a.i.p.galerie, Berlin


Vorsatz und Verhüllung“ Solo exhibition, Actuistic structural paintings and sound objects a.i.p galerie, Berlin

Berliner Kunst Salon Nr.6, “CMYK” sound installation and paintings Umspannwerk, Berlin

Drei Farben” Paintings a.i.p. Galerie, Berlin

Anonyme Zeichner” Drawings Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin


219168 Hours“ Project show Kettler / Flores collaborative works from

1986 – 2008. Installation, video, music. ARTkustik performance a.i.p. Galerie, Berlin

Berliner Liste art fair Sound installations and Actuistic paintings  Performance „Zeit“, Kettler / Flores.

Cumberlandhaus, Berlin

Klunst“, Klang – Kunst – Konserve. Solo exhibition, interactive sound installations a.i.p galerie, Berlin

UND# 3, Karlsruhe Sound installations and Actuistic paintings Independent platform for contemporary art, Karlsruhe

Multiple choice” Multiples and objects a.i.p. Galerie, Berlin


Stringent“ Solo exhibition Actuistic flash / reflection paintings/sound objects a.i.p. Galerie, Berlin

Versprochen“ Collaborative exhibition Kettler / Völker works to the theme “paper”, sound installation and drawings. a.i.p. Galerie, Berlin

a.i.p. Documentation 07 Kassel” Sound installations and paintings group exhibition parallel to Documenta 12, Kassel

Sound Canvas“ Collaborative lyrical sound experiments, Kettler/ Flores. a.i.p. Galerie, Berlin


Actuismus IX,“ Solo exhibition, paintings and objects F.K. Gallery, Berlin

Actuistische Schrift und Klangbilder”

Calligraphic sound paintings and sound installations with live saxophone performance to the sound installation„Tau wetter” a.i.p. Galerie, Berlin

“Polarität 1 “ Paintings and sound installations F.K. Gallery, Berlin

ARTkustik project:” Mixed media music / sound presentation a.i.p. Galerie, Berlin

Actuististische Bildbeschreibungen und klanginstallationen“

Solo exhibition, paintings and sound installations to the theme of Actuismus and depicition

a.i.p galerie, Berlin 2005

Klang Scharfe“ Solo exhibition, multi channel sound installations. F.K.Gallery, Berlin

Presentation and production of diverse photo, video, sound installations Atelierhaus Eiswerder, Berlin

Gemischte Gemüter” Sculpture, works on canvas F.K. Gallery, Berlin


Innenwelten – Außenwelten – Arbeitswelt - Lebenswelt

Presentation of recordings and video works from the industrial steel plant Peine, Salzgitter.

Realization planned for sound performance with live radio broadcasting in the city square Peine.

A contribution for the candidacy of the cultural capital region Braunschweig, 2010.

Actuismus und Klang“ Solo exhibition, sound installations and Actuistic painting.

F.K. Gallery, Berlin

Kunst im kleinen format” paintings Heidreichs Kunsthandlung, Berlin


Agnus Deii Eisen” Video - Room Installation Atelierhaus Eiswerder, Berlin

Production and live braodcast of sound art radio show ”Drop out” for public radio OKB Berlin.

Diverse field recordings on industrial sites: BEHALA, U and S bahn Berlin and recordings in California, Bodega Bay, Golden Gate Bridge.

Actuistic street Drawing Performance on the Kaiser Wilhelm Gedächtniskirche”, Berlin.


Schweres Licht” Room installation with lead, sound and video

Klang Konvent” Sound art presentation Atelierhaus, Eiswerder, Berlin


First Actuistic exhibition” Paintings, sound art, sculpture F.K. Gallery, Berlin

Video installations” Das Atelier, Berlin

From 1980 to 2000 over thirty solo and group exhibitions.