215x3550 cm
























Moment und Umgang

Im:rot is an interactive hybrid painting / sound installation with the measurements; 32,5 m x 2,10 m. A room installation where components of sound and fluorescent color intertwine and correlate resulting in new combinations with intended distractions leading to an expanded level of perception. With this interaction the process begins, putting emphasis on the small details and spacial areas in the painting as well as the room sound and the modulation of the primary sounds. The moment of being in color and in the sound parallel, combined with the interactive component is the moment where it turns into an experience. Encircled from sound and color almost isolated in it, here sound is ever changing and malleable providing a variety of sound possibilities. The difference between the running time from the visual and acoustic time can be compared to a Deja vu, resulting with the wish to repeat this experience several times.

(Galerie Walden - Walden Kunstausstellungen Berlin)