Im Rohr
330 x 250 x 250


















back (sound art)




Down the drain (Das Leben im Abflussrohr)

In a world where the visual aspect dominates, the installation offers the viewer a chance to enjoy a special sound experience. The sounds are multifaceted such as : mechnical sounds, natural sounds, and every day sounds from a train station, church bells, motor sounds, baby cries, as well as very fine sounds that are often overheard. Sounds flow through the pipe back and forth, until they disappear into silence.

Technical information:
Six seperate contact spirals that are installed in the pipe, that then turn the pipe into a membrain in it`s self, and more than 500 field recordings are integrated.
Sound segments are extracted and combined to a sound composition, stored on 6.0 dts or ac3 on CD, DVD and played over a 6.0 surround player.

Life as an involuntary direction, a movement in the corset of traditional procedures
Passing events symbolize a panorama of the futures astringency in life.
The pipe as a drain that doesn`t have a distinct direction, but the individual does.
An extended experience, a voyeristic view in the lives of others without questioning one owns life. In this restricted space one can obtain the feeling of being held from the tempting sound, where the mind declares liberation to the absurd.
The lack of perspective offers the blockage a chance to find peace.

(Conception notes M.D.K.)