Akzeptanz und






















Expectation and acceptance

The theme of the installation is entity, the transiency of life, the present and the past . The installation is built up as an illuminated wall of x rays, where in front of this wall, copper wires are taped diagonally to the floor in front of the installation. Two large silver balls function as the interactive component where the viewer can participate and influence the composition. When rolling the balls over the copper wires in any direction, through this contact to the wires recorded sounds become activated. The hard disks represent the stored information of a human being throughout a lifetime, they hang directly in front of the illuminated wall, functioning as a mirror like component producing mechanical subtle sounds. Five recordings from domestic life : church bells, a heart beat, the sound of children in a school yard, the cry of a baby accompanied by an eery dark melodic guitar riff.

Technical info Expectation and acceptance
6.0 Interactive Klang Installation
Röntgen Bilder, Küpferdraht, Leuchtmittel, 2 versilberte Bälle, Hard disks, Lautsprecher
2 x 11 x 4 m (variable) 2011 (Galerie Walden - Walden Kunstausstellungen Berlin)

Youtube - Video Expectation and acceptance

Youtube - Performance Video Dolores Flores "zero control" (Acceptance and Expectation)