Marius D. Kettler


Marius D. Kettler (* 1961) painter, sound,- video artist and composer, lives and works in Berlin and Ahnsen, Germany.

Kettler has developed in his painterly work from realism, the theme of surrealism and the pictorial implementation of his art theory Actuism to the color spaces and their boundaries of contrasts and similarities. His works with day-glo colors put contrasts and color similarities into a relationship that leads to an apparent color congruence. In the process, the non-contrasts give rise to color sensations. What does the color of light do to the paints? These fluorescent color spaces create an irritating juxtaposition of tension and arbitrariness. Color and its apparent boundaries become the subject of painting. To create color spaces of infinite depth is one of the tasks in these works.

For the sound installations and video works he uses electroacoustic audio material, processes digital media and field recordings. His sound installations vary from electromagnetic, interactive and mechanical hybrid installations to multi-channel sound compositions. Kettler works thematically, where he experiments with artificial or natural spatial environments. The visual and acoustic spaces are designed with maximum simplicity. The physical aspect of sound, acoustic site-specific sound transmissions and transparency in the sound image are explored.

Field recordings include urban and industrial sounds as well as sounds from nature.

The boundaries of sounds are explored in the areas where their sensory properties affect memory and their recollection.Kettler's sound compositions make use of the sounds of instruments and electronics, noise and mechanical sounds, which are digitally processed and combined into multi-channel or
mono sound installations.


Marius D. Kettler
Suarezstraße 8
14057 Berlin
Deutschland /Germany

Tel.: 030 89005973

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