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Actuism is the theory of all creative works based on action and movement. Every work of art contains a component of actuism. Each artist reveals himself with the created work. His personal history and perspective become visible. Actuism goes to the roots of all forms of artistic expression. Actusimus theory is about reducing a composition to the essential factors of a work of art. To a limited space in connection with the authenticity of the artist's handwriting, the cultural origin in which the artwork was created in accordance with the environment, leading to new modifications and interpretations. The viewer chooses the form with which he is able to recognize and explain the artistic work. Actuism can be seen as a form of Minimal Art, although the biggest difference is in the implementation - not in the theoretical background. The composition, the surface and the artist's handwriting are the main components of Actuism. The number of ways to arrange the three lines is infinite, even if it seems repetitive; it is not! Each artist has his own rhythm which he follows unconsciously. Each work is like a signature, where with every stroke and every movement of the hand it becomes an artistic confession; what the work of art wants becomes visible. lat. actus: action, movement

Actuism | Drawings | Watercolor | Pencil | Paper | 2010 |


Watercolor | Pencil | Paper | 2010 |












Marius D. Kettler
Suarezstraße 8
14057 Berlin
Deutschland /Germany

Tel.: 030 89005973

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