Sound art animation 5- actus torus

Sound art animation 5- actus torus


Marius D. Kettler | Red - don't call it pink

Exhibits: Painting, serigraphy

Vernissage: 21.03.2024 at 7 pm, from 8 pm

LIVE: electronic music performance by the Unfamiliarnaires (

LIVE: Franz J. Hugo - Kehlkopfgesang -

Exhibition duration: 22.03.2024 - 01.05.2024

Creation of the pictures with unmixed colors

It is a confrontation with a plan. It's like a game - like chess.
There is a plan.
One color makes a move - a piece places itself on the square.
Another color responds; takes over the game.
Another color responds by making a new move on the square.
Two colors become a third.
A new situation arises, which again has the character of a challenge.
The player reacts by placing another color, possibly by painting over it.
Composition as a playful process; color chess!
Only the previous move creates the space for the behavior of the next color.
The game changes direction - a new course is heralded.
All colors and shapes open up their own universe - depending on their power and relevance.
Something disputed with the others, something taken away, something added - enriching?
It will make the progression visible throughout the picture - it is on its way.
A seemingly balanced situation that creates tension and expectation, without one color or form having left the field.
color or shape has left the field; even the most restrained color or figure
has influenced the process - the others have had to respond.

If it turned out well, the result is a stalemate with a recognizable progression that tells the story with tension.

Here's to a new game! Marius D. Kettler


Marius aip ausstellung 1 2024

DOLORES FLORES "It is the ALL in the great and the small"

is the title of the new exhibition

Light objects, paper objects and digital photography

Duration: 6.12.2023 to 3.3.2024 Suarezstraße 8 - 14057 Berlin - 030 89 00 59 73
Opening hours: Thu + Fri: 3-7pm and Sat: 11am-3pm


dolores flores It is the ALL in the great and the small



 actus torus

 actus torus | 20...


Marius D. Kettler
Suarezstraße 8
14057 Berlin
Deutschland /Germany

Tel.: 030 89005973

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